Understanding life insurance is simple–it’s there to protect your loved ones.

We help our clients evaluate their life insurance needs specifically to them, and sitting down with one of our experts can help you determine what are your individual and family needs.  We work with the majority of life insurance companies; therefore, we focus on you and not the product.  Once we help determine your needs, the rest is easy!  We can help you choose a company and product that fits you.  This is what makes us different.

Here is more info on life insurance that can help you get a start on the path that is for you.

Term vs Permanent

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Buy term and invest the rest is our philosophy too!  Our focus is to get you the most amount of life insurance for the least amount of money.  But we want to make sure that you and your family are protected for the right amount.  Term–like its name–is there to cover you for a specified time, i.e., to cover the amount of your mortgage, which also is paid for a period of time.  Term is there to make sure your individual needs are met, whether it is student debt, income replacement, or donation to a charity, we are here to help guide you for what is important to you.

Invest the rest, but diversify your portfolio.  Having a conservative piece to your investment portfolio is a wise choice, but choosing a company that is backed by it’s financial strength is the way to go!  Permanent life insurance has many great qualities, whether it’s there for retirement supplement, estate planning, or cover final expenses, we are here also to help you determine which of them might be important to you.

Individual vs Group Life Insurance

Here is a video from one of our partners to help explain the benefits of owning your policy, while still having coverage through your current employment.  We are here to help explore all the options!

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