Constant Changes and Being Well Prepared

Whether you are new to Medicare or you have already been enrolled into a program, the changes in the industry happen annually. As an agency that cares and desires to aid seniors in making great choices when it comes to selecting a health plan with a insurance company that is going to take care of your needs, we are so happy to announce what we have available. 

New to Medicare and Unsure Where to Start?

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Medical plans can be convoluted and complicated; and there so many different companies are out there! With our help, our first approach is to listen.  Tell us about your concerns and we can help take a look at the companies that address those specific concerns. Then, we look at the health plans offered by those companies that properly provide support regarding those concerns.  We work with all the major health insurance companies and have an FMO that is very organized, has excellent availability and professionalism to best attend you and our clients.  Take look at all our partners!  [working] link for partners

I Have a Plan, but Is there a Plan that is More Me?

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Changes happen annually but health plans can also get better!  New programs and coverage improvement varies from company to company, but that’s where we specialize in informing our clients and anyone that has questions about what is new to our area and specific year as Annual Enrollment happens each year from Oct. 15 to Dec. 7, 2019.

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