Insuring your property is a must, and having the appropriate coverage is crucial to making sure that if the unexpected happens, you and your family are prepared and protected.  We partner with multiple insurance companies that can support you and your specific needs.

Homeowners Insurance

We can help guide you– whether it’s with the purchase of your new home or you simply looking for another insurance company.  Tailoring your coverage is where we specialize. By adding more relative coverage options to your policy, when needed to protect your assets, (e.g. adding earthquake, backed-up sewer, collectibles, excess jewelry or electronic coverage, or any other policy endorsements relevant to your home life)  we can help build your home, condo, manufactured home or renters insurance policy into something strong, secure and affordable.

Rental Properties

Being a real estate investor, landlord or a property manager can be overbearing, especially if you’ve filed a claim and don’t have the coverage that you thought you did.  There are many insurance companies that offer protection for rental buildings, of course; but some also offer protection and security for streams of rental income.  Understanding the adequate limits* needed for your properties is essential to the process of using your insurance dollars wisely.  We will guide you in selecting the limits and extra coverage that will be important to you and we will help you omit  superfluous coverage.

*A limit is the highest amount your insurer will pay for a claim that your insurance policy covers.

Vacation Homes, Cabins, Farms and More!

There are several types of properties that many of the preferred insurance companies won’t insure.  Therefore, finding a company that will rightfully insure your special property and offer you the correct coverage can be complicated. Not with us! Our Bridge City agents will work with you to get across right information and to find you the right insurance company to trust so that you won’t end up being ineligible for certain coverages or out of support when in serious need. Contact us! Let us know about your situation and special properties! We’ll provide you with a quote.

Farm insurance can vary from a Winery, Organic Arable farm, Pastoral Farming and much more.

Farm coverage can be simple, or super complex; but we have multiple of companies on speed dial that already specialize with Oregon/Washington farming and can help your farm adapt with insurance coverage that’s suitable for your farm.  Crops and livestock can definitely be at risk from unknown perils, and farm insurance can help protect them, as well as your stream of income, from such cases.  Farm insurance can cover farms, wineries, organic arable farms, pastoral farming, orchards, grow operations and many other agricultural endeavors. Get in touch with us to learn more.

All Available Products

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