Our Vision as a company is to create an agency that can meet all your insurance needs but also give back to our clients by creating unique services that are available to you only.  “My main goal as the owner is not only to elevate the level of service to it’s maximal potential, but also create a funnel of knowledge and services that come to our clients, at no cost, by bridging local professionals in a workshop environment to help them be better prepared for all the financial challenges we face in this changing world,” says owner and founder Lyle Watkins, “Creating that platform here, is what will separate us from the rest.”  Together with the passion to help clients here are some of the services we currently offer and will be providing:


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Workshops are our best way to introduce you to basic level information of interest, and that is provided to you by a local professional that is current in their field of specialization.  Together with a presentation and having a professional in a Q&A setting can be very helpful way to get more informed but also with other people that are facing the same challenges as you.

-Available Workshops:   First Time Home Buyers,  Retirement Funding,  Improving Your Credit Score, Retirement Planing,  Health Plans: What to Chose?,  Taxes For New Business Owners, Bookkeeping 101, 

Financial Advising

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We currently don’t have a licensed individual at the office, but have a partnership with a prestigious local firm that will help you with all your financial needs.  BridgeCity Insurance is partnered with MassMutual of Oregon with the mindset to be able to help your business or individual needs and help create a financial plan that is parallel with your current financial goals and retirement needs.  We can meet with you at our offices, at a coffee shop or at your work to provide you with the attentive and personalized attention that best accommodates you.

Our Community and Local Charity

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Our company has a Do It Yourself mentality and we don’t shy away from it.  We want to hear from you, the community, and challenge us with how we can help or support your local event or charity.  We continue to support our community by sponsoring local events and being present at charity events.  Please email us below with any thoughts and we will be in contact with you, thank you!