Our mission is to help our clients create secure pathways to achieve their long-term goals with professional support and financial preparedness. Life happens. Stay ready.

Our vision:

Our vision is to run an agency that meets all of your insurance needs – one that gives back to clients by providing them with specialized services and unique lines of information that are readily available through us at Bridge City.


“My main goal is to elevate our level of service to its maximal potential and to create a free funnel of knowledge for our clients, to help them become better prepared for the financial challenges possible in this changing world.”  

– Lyle Watkins, CEO. “Creating that platform here is what will separate us from the rest.”

We create unique, customized protection plans to give you the better hand.

We help people and businesses find the relevant protection for their lives, careers, and/or business industry. Our services focus on minimizing your risk while ensuring that you have good coverage at a great rate.

Auto and Home Insurance

We partner with several insurance providers that offer bundle packages for auto and home insurances: Allstate, Progressive, National General, Kemper, Chubb, MetLife, Nationwide, and many more.

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Business Insurance

Businesses are required to carry several insurance policies. It’s important to understand what exposures in your industry could severely impact your financial cash flow or the success and security of your enterprise. Let us know about your business! We will list out the primary security issues and exposures within your industry and offer you specific insurance products to protect your business at a great rate.

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Life Insurance

We offer life insurance products from over 40 companies. Types of coverage include: Term, Universal Life, Whole Life, Disability, and Annuities. We use our knowledge and resources to formulate a personalized outline of life insurance options rightfully and readily available to you.

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Health Insurance

We offer individual, family and group plans for our clients. We’ve partnered up with National General and HealthCompare (a health insurance quoting company), to help bring a quick and easy, no-pressure quoting process to our clients in search of health care.

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Insurance is another form of planning and investment. With the proper tools and guidance, you can use insurance to build up your credit and wealth. We provide our clients with the financial planning materials, local resources, guidance and counseling to make it happen.  

We lead various workshops and online seminars each year to share insurance knowledge and information about how to use insurance properly, as a resource. Our goal here is to spread the wealth and share the knowledge. 

Stay tuned for more information on our Fall 2022 Webinar Series!

Looking Toward the Future – Financial Guidance & Services

We are excited to announce our NEW Financial Services products for 2022!   Please call the office or email us for more information.

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We understand that staying on top of your finances can be a challenge for several of reasons.  Finding time, getting organized, reevaluating your budget, cutting back on lifestyle spending are all concepts we understand; but how can we do it all? At Bridge City Insurance, we’ll accommodate you. We take the time to get you organized and set up with a plan. We know that all of the factors involved with financial planning can get cumbersome, so we help our clients reach their goals with our tools. Let’s meet in the middle and find a sturdy path for financial success and preparedness.

Need help calculating your finances and annual income? Use this awesome budget calculator, courtesy of Zurich.com: Budget Calculator for Personal and Household Use.

Gloria Martinez – womenled.org

How To Stay on Track With Your Finances

Here is an article from Gloria Martinez at that sheds light on how to stay on track of your finances and teaches you how to be better prepared. Check it >>

“Staying on top of your finances is important in today’s world where credit card debt can pile up faster than your income, but it’s not always easy to stay on track. Little things begin to add up throughout the year; you pay a little bit for streaming services, lawn care, and extracurricular activities for your children, and pretty soon, you’re spending money faster than it’s coming in. It’s a good idea to go over your finances every year to find out exactly where your money is going and where you can begin to make cuts without sacrificing what you need…” READ MORE

We encourage you to contact our office about ways we can better help you save for your goals and secure what is important to you.


Workshops are our best way to introduce you to basic level insurance and financial information. Our classes are provided to you by local professionals willing to share information on their fields of specialization.  Come together with us for special presentations and Q&A sessions! Get informed with other community members facing the same challenges as you.

We offer many workshops to our community in Portland in investments, college planning, retirement supplement, legacy planning

Current Workshops:

Summer 2022 Workshop booking is closed.

The Fall 2022 Workshops schedule is coming soon.

Due to the nature of the pandemic our 2020-2021 workshop schedule will be cut short. If anything changes, we will happily contact you. Sign-up for our mailing list to stay up-to-date with information on our workshops, services and events!


2019!  – Introducing Our Foam and Finances Series with financial associates Nate Jones, Mike and Joshua from Thrivent Financial.   They have committed to helping our clients by offering 4 classes this quarter. Come join us, grab a foamy beer and check it out! For more information on classes and how to enroll, click here.

11/07/19 College Planning

12/05/19 Marriage & Money

01/09/20 Investments 101

02/06/20 Retirement Planning

2018 SPRING SERIES: Financial Planning 101

3/03/18 –  First Time Homebuyers

4/07/18 – Health Plans: What to Choose? 

5/05/18 – Taxes For New Business Owners,

6/02/18 – Bookkeeping 101

Our Community and Local Charity

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Our company has a Do It Right mentality and we don’t shy away from it.  We want to hear from you in the community! Let us know how we can help support local events or non-profit organizations.  We continue to support our community by sponsoring local events, activities and by being present at community gatherings.  Please email us below with any thoughts and we will get in touch with you. Thank you!