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Meet our team

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Lyle Watkins Bahamondez

Agent, Owner

Lyle has been in the insurance industry for over 10 years and specializes in life insurance. Before starting his own practice in 2015, he worked as an all-policy agent at State Farm. He enjoys everything soccer and everything comics!

Licenses: Property, Casualty, Life, Health, Loan Originator and DI.

Felicita Perez

Felicita Perez

Agent, Commercial Specialist

Felicita Perez is our most experience staff member and has an extensive background in insurance having managed a State Farm for over 15 years. She brings top notch knowledge and will help you choose the right over you need.

Licenses: Property, Casualty, Life, Health, Loan Originator and DI.

Montse Valencia

Office Manager

Montse Valencia has over five years of experience in the insurance industry. She oversees our agency's main concerns by administering our client-to-company relationships and acquiescing our clients' needs. She's a master of zen, loves meditation and yoga, and will always say yes to sushi.

Andrea Jimenez

Lead Administrator

Andrea administers all new client, current client and office reports. She creates a bridge between our agency and our clients to help clarify our communication, alleviate concerns and notify about updates.

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