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Owning and operating a business can be one of the most exciting challenges you might face, and the insurance (or all the different types of insurance you need) portion of it can also be overwhelming.  We are here to not only make sure you have us as a resource but also to make sure your type of business is safe and well insured.

Insuring Your Business

Bridge City Insurance offers coverage specific to your industry and profession

We help you tailor your policy with the coverage that’s designed specifically for your business, meaning we make sure you don’t have excess coverage and make sure we offer you the option to add coverage that’s specific to your industry.  Not all policy fit in one business; therefore we can aid you in choosing what you really need.  We also can help on so many different levels, ranging from General liability, Workers Compensation, Professional/Employment Practices/Fiduciary/Crime Liability, Cyber, Marine, International, Environmental, Executive Liability, Commercial Property and many others.   Whether you are a Private Company or Non-Profit, we have solutions to all your business insurance needs.

Commercial Auto

Bridge City Insurance offers policies that also can add Inland Marine and Cargo Insurance

Having all your commercial vehicles under the same roof is a specialty of ours and being assertive with the requirements that your state might require, but also sitting down with our clients and designing the coverage that fits each individual vehicle.  Special equipment coverage is coverage specifically designed and crafted to ensure your altered vehicle equipment is included on the policy to the dollar.   Also, we cross reference each client to adequately offer the fillings, cargo coverage, inland marine or any other specific coverage that is necessity or a requirement.  Contact us for more questions.

Food Truck business owners need coverage that is specific to their Industry

Food Carts/Trucks also fall under commercial vehicle, whether stationary or remote, but understading that your needs are more food industry based than auto, this is also a concern of us and the insurance industry; therefore, there are companies that specifically design and mold their product to fit your business.  Not having your food cart/truck due to a fire or any other covered hazard for even a couple of weeks can create major financial set back.  Again, being properly insured and with a company that knows you is ALL the difference and we diligently asses our clients the importance of having coverage that will eliminate the burden of being financially at a disadvantage.

Vineyards, Agriculture and More

Bridge City Insurance offers vineyards the coverage that is necessary for their industry

The world is on the move and so are we.  We can help together with our Global partners offer insurance that not only helps protect your crop but also your embargo.  The Wine industry, together with agriculture and export, have major financial necessities that expand beyond the local business practices, and we have exactly the company that specializes in Global and Big Business insurance, with the aim to help answer questions or concerns that you might have.  Contact us immediately so that we can start the process of addressing all the different specifics involved in these types of plans.

Growing Business Yet Growing Exposure

Bridge City insurance offers Cyber, Professionals Liability, Workers Compensation, Bonds, Employees Practices Liability, Executive Liability

Expanding your company and a greater stream of revenue are exciting times for any business owner, but realizing all the added exposure that comes with it can be overwhelming if faced with those challenges without proper insurance in place.  In example, an employee acts a certain way that directly impacts the company’s standards and practices and now you are faced with a lawsuit that can financial devastate your company; or, you come to work and all your client data has been the victim of a cyber attack that exposes personal info from your clientele.  Our Agents will sit down with you and hash out what we have to offer and match what is crucial for your business to have have safety nets.  Playing your cards right in the insurance sector can be just as important as the ones that you make in the business sector.  Don’t wait…make an appointment today to discuss what is available for your firm or practice.

All Available Products

General Liability, Cyber, Professionals Liability, Workers Compensation, Bonds, Employees Practices Liability, Business Owners Policies, Commercial Property, Executive Liability, Inland Marine.

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