Tilikum Crossing: Bridge of the People –

Photo: Montse Valencia. 2021.

Portland, Oregon is known for its iconic bridges! One of the latest additions to the city is Tilikum Crossing: Bridge of the People.

The Tilikum Crossing bridge is the largest car-free bridge in the United States, reserved for pedestrians, bicyclists, buses and light rail trains. The bridge, constructed in 2015, spans 1,720 ft across the Willamette River.

The word “Tilikum” is of Chinook Wawa origin. The Chinook Indian Nation is a collective of indigenous communities native to Oregon. The word “Tilikum” in English translates to people. Thus, Tilikum Crossing can also be referred to as The Bridge of the People in Portland, Oregon.

It’s truly one of a kind. As the days warm up this year, consider getting some fresh air on a lovely walk across the city’s newest iconic bridge.

For more information on Tilikum Crossing and its Chinookan history, visit trimet.org/tilikum.

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